Jesse Lynn Madera

is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter with strong classic country roots, and a soulful voice. Her lyrics and melodies are mesmerizing.


Jesse Lynn Madera comes to you by way of West Virginia, Michigan, Nashville, Texas, North Carolina, New York, Key West, and Los Angeles; a journey that explains how country, soul, and jazz intertwine so seamlessly throughout her music. The granddaughter of self-taught back porch musicians, Jesse followed in the footsteps of her musical family to create songs with surprising chord changes, and thought provoking lyrics, cultivating a compellingly unique sound. Constant in her songwriting is the piano, an instrument she met, almost at birth, in the form of her grandmother's antique upright, and something that became an integral part of her life thanks to a family friend and mentor, the late Hall of Fame pianist and songwriter, Johnnie ("B. Goode") Johnson, one of the under-sung fathers of Rock 'n' Roll. Jesse's live performances have earned her a devoted following in Los Angeles and New York City venues. "Jesse Madera is not 'up-and-coming': she has humbly arrived, and she is not leaving any time soon." (Allegra Levy, Scout Archives)


Photographer: Barry J Holmes

Background Photo Courtesy of Peter Malek